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Types of Services We Offer

Auto Repair and Maintenance

Types of Services We Offer

Are you looking for honest and quality work on your vehicle?

MyMechanic Auto Repair is known for providing some of the best services in the area. With years of experience, complete with all the necessary certification, you can expect only the best in auto repair services from us. Our primary goal is to add miles on your vehicle.

And you can expect that we don’t only extend the miles of your vehicle, you can expect that your safety is also our priority. You can guarantee that we have the technical knowledge to meet manufacturers’ standards. We’ve established a solid reputation in the area for giving our clients only top notch services and products. It is our training and expertise to give car owners the best bang for their buck when it comes to their vehicles regardless if it’s for private or commercial use.

We made a name as the number one automotive repair shop in Northern Ireland, with our fast and reliable services. MyMechanic Auto Repair is the company that always focuses on improvements. We have constantly updated our skills and knowledge given the fast changing designs and technology in the automotive industry. We’ve become the partner of different businesses including taxi companies, airport pickup companies, and those who use large vehicles for their day-to-day operations.

Aside from repairing your engine, we also provide you with simple maintenance checks that can help prevent small problems from popping up. With our trained and knowledgeable mechanics, we check your car’s condition and make sure that we anticipate any problems from surfacing in the coming months.

We give you an idea on parts that has to be replaced to keep your car running smoothly. And because we only believe in offering the best service to our clients, we guarantee nothing but the best work every single time. Regardless if it is a small or a big task, we make sure that you get only the best service from MyMechanic Auto Repair Center. We make sure that there we check the car issues in different phases of the job.

With our experienced eyes, we look at the problem and provide you with the proper assessment. During the repair, we check your oil, and if you need a Oil Change we will provide it. You can guarantee quality workmanship is insured not only in the hands of our mechanics but as it is also supervised by senior mechanics with much wider experience in all sorts of automotive repairs.