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My Mechanic - Complete Auto Maintenance


Complete Auto Maintenance, Car Servicing and Repair, Fuel and Exhaust System Cleaning and addititives. Latest Diagnostic Software. Free Pick up and Drop off service. No Job too big or too small. Free Estimates, All work guranteed at affordable prices.


We’re Here to Help, It’s Your Car and Your Choice. We Can Get You Back On The Road ASAP.
A lot can happen to your car engine over the years and you may find that you need it to be repaired or rebuilt.
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We provide diagnostic testing, repairs, and preventative maintenance for drivers near Northern Ireland to make sure your hybrid or EV remains at peak performance.
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Why use our services in the first place?

Unlike other automotive repair in Northern Ireland, we make sure to always prioritize quality over anything else. MyMechanic Auto Repair is dedicated to providing top notch repairs for every type of vehicle. We have the knowledge and the necessary capability to address both large and small concerns regarding your car and any automobile.

Regardless if you are going to use the vehicle for private or for commercial means, we have experienced and knowledgeable mechanics who you can trust when it comes to different issues with your car. We also have the right tools and equipment that guarantees fast and reliable service on the part of your car.

With years of experience in auto repair, we have established a solid reputation among businesses and private car owners when it comes to maintenance and repairs of their vehicles. We are also known for providing competitive pricing when it comes to our top notch services.

Well Diverse In Different Types of Cars

Do you also have a car that you love so much? Perhaps, it is a luxury vehicle? We are more than happy to help you. We have technicians with enough knowledge of luxury vehicles regardless if it’s a foreign or domestic brand.

Size of the Shop

Don’t you just hate it when your local automotive repair shop rejects your car because they already have so many car repair jobs on their hands? It can be a real problem especially if you need the car fixed the soonest time possible. Things are a bit different with MyMechanic Auto Repair. We will do our best to get you back on the road.

High-quality work and competitive price

You can guarantee that the quality of our work is at par with the best in the industry. We provide training to our employees to make sure that they have updated skills that can address the newest technologies in car manufacturing.

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Types of Services We Offer

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